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  • Proven Health Benefits of Garlic

    helps fight viruses and bacterial infections

    Garlic may seep from your pores and give you bad breath, but, besides being somewhat of a social hindrance, it is one of the strongest cancer fighting agents in the natural world. Not only that, garlic has many other incredible properties that have been used by ancient healers to keep the body healthy and heal infections. After you learn about the incredible benefits of this antiviral plant, you may think twice about saying, “hold the garlic.” This is a food that adds flavor and only does good things to your body, health, and mind.

    Helps Fight Off Viruses and Bacterial Infections

    One of the top and most widely known used for garlic is that it helps kill viruses and bacteria. People use garlic internally and topically for wounds and infections of all kinds. Garlic is anti-carcinogenic and is highly recommended to prevent and heal cancers of all kinds. Garlic helps strengthen your body’s immune system which will help keep you from catching a cold or the flu. The studies that have been done on the effectiveness of garlic in preventing colds are astonishing. Your risk of getting a cold can be lowered by over half when you eat garlic daily. Combined with other plants and herbs that keep your body healthy, as well as regular exercise, you’ll find your health dramatically improves with this miracle food. It should be combined with a healthy lifestyle or it won’t be nearly as effective.

    If you’re someone who gets sick once a month or even a couple times per year, you should consider incorporating garlic into your daily routine to increase your chances of not getting sick.

    Helps Cleanse The Body of Heavy Metals

    Garlic can help reduce lead toxicity in your body. Heavy metals can build up in the body and lead to serious health conditions. While we do need some of these minerals, too much can lead to toxicity. Heavy metals are found naturally in plants and animals but most people know fish have a higher content of them. The benefit of garlic is that it can help your body to break down heavy metals so they don’t build up in your system. Garlic is truly one of the most detoxifying superfoods you can consume. Toxic buildup affects your blood, your organs, and your mental clarity, so eating garlic can help all the systems in your body work together better so you can experience optimal health.

    Strengthens Bones

    This is primarily a benefit for women because garlic can increase their estrogen levels and help strengthen their bones. When it comes to healthy aging and injury prevention, the density of the bones is absolutely crucial. Broken bones or even small fractures can impede your ability to be mobile and even perform the simplest of job functions, so it’s important to think preventatively about your bone health and incorporate garlic into your daily regimen. Other superfoods like chia and kale can also help your bones and mushrooms will provide good vitamin D which is important in the process as well.

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